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Burning system

◆Due to the art burning system, the heater starts operating alomst instantly. In addition this Dual fuel heater can operate by using either kerosene or diesel as a main energy source. Thermostatic control


◆By means of the thermostat device the desired temperature can be controlled easily.

◆By means of the strong built-in fan, the heated air is distributed in the room efficiently.


◆In order to make sure that the heater can be used in a safe way at all times, various systems are incorporated.By means of micro-electronics( photocell)the burning process ismonitored permanently to check correct operation of the heater.An overheat protector(bi-metal switch)is mounted inside the heater to stop the heater in case of potential unsafe circumstances.A fuse avoids the danger of electric short circuit.


◆Display screen to show the room temp and setting temp. With a pressure meter to show the working pressure.

Fuel Tank

◆Oil position indication.

Easy to clear the fuel tank with a drain device.

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